Magical Motherhood

We care and cherish our children with intense love. We see their true and deepest being. Connected together by fate, our commitment is endless. Our hearts are enlarged and filled with eternal love …

Magical Motherhood. Delicate, gentle and sometimes wild and everything in between. Each mother is unique and adapted to her situation. Protective, educational, challenging, self-effacing, loving above all else. They are the perfect imperfection.

Mothers want to carry their children close to their hearts. Capture your mother’s love in a Minitials piece of 18 carat solid gold.

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This Mother’s Day we have an extra surprise for all mothers. When you place an order for delivery in the Netherlands from April 14th until May 8th 12.00 h (noon, European time), we will deliver your order* to your doorstep including a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Depending on your location, we will personally deliver your order (including the roses) on May 7th, 8th or 9th.
* If you don’t want to participate with our Mother’s Day activation and you want to receive your order before May 7th through parcel? Please let us know when ordering the product (we have added a drop down option for Mother’s Day).

For Entangle, Unity, Circe of Love, Exagoni, Flag, Signet, Tokens of Love and Laser Engravings it’s not possible anymore to order before Mother’s Day.

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