Dashing Dads

You are the one that teaches us to value ourselves. A guiding light that shows us the way. Your heart is my shelter and your arms are my home. Lifting me up with your strong bare hands. Resourcefully you show me how to simply be. Strict but fair you teach us how to care. Connected together by faith your commitment is endless. Our bond is unbreakable because of our eternal love.

For all DASHING DADS, playful, devoted, ingenious and sometimes wild. Each father is unique and adapted to his situation. Anchoring, daring, challenging, courageous and protecting above all else. They are our fabulous fathers.

These fathers have the courage to show they care, capture their loved ones in a Minitials piece of 18k solid gold.

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This Father’s Day we have an extra surprise for all fathers. When you order a piece of Minitials jewellery* from May 27th until June 18th 12:00** (noon) you will receive a beautiful personalized leather CityWallet from Exentri with your Father’s Day gift (Netherland’s only).

*The promotion is not available for additions
**The following collections have to be ordered before June 16th 12.00 so we can send the order in time for Father’s Day: Entangle, Unity, Circe of Love, Exagoni, Flag, Signet, Sparkle Snake, Tokens of Love en Extra Laser Engraving.

Minitials ein Unity Satinarmband


Minitials zwei Unity Satinarmband


Minitials drei Unity Satinarmband


Minitials Rund zwei Signature Armband


Minitials Memory Lane Armband


Minitials Memory Lane Lederarmband


Minitials vier Unity Lederarmband


Minitials drei Benji Satinarmband


Minitials Oval eine Signature Satin Armband


Minitials ein Benji Satinarmband


Minitials Rund drei Signature Satin Armband


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